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Crown Plastics takes pride in its products by making them right here in the USA. From spheres to cubes and street lamps to cylinders, we manufacture the best quality plastic enclosures available.

Most of our products are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

New Products
High Bay Reflector
16" Convex Lens
22" Drop Lens
Square Post Base Covers

- Custom Manufacturing arrow down
  • Crown Plastics offers custom manufacturing capabilities to any OEM. We will work with you to develop your product application and design based on your end user insight research. Our engineers in the CAD studio will draw the designs, we will develop the mold, and work with you on the type of material to make the product. We will perform the appropriate testing and provide you with all of the relative data. When you are happy with the design and ready to take the product to market, we will manufacture to your specifications.
- Proprietary Products arrow down
  • You have a proprietary design and we can manufacture it for you. We are a supplier you can have confidence in. Currently, we manufacture proprietary products for a number of major lighting manufacturers. You can trust Crown Plastics with your proprietary needs.
- More than plastic globes arrow down
  • At Crown Plastics, our primary business is developing and manufacturing innovative lighting enclosure components. But there's so much more we do. We have developed a line of accessories to go along with our enclosures including fitters, heat shields, top caps, aluminum streetlamp tops, along with post sleeves and decorative tops and bases. Contact us for more information.
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  • InterGlobal, Inc., is our parent company, also based in St. Louis, Missouri. InterGlobal is a component supplier to the OEM lighting fixture business and to the electrical lighting aftermarket. Learn more about InterGlobal, Inc at

918 Airport Road • Festus, MO 63028